May 17, 2011

RockFest-or Bust

So Rock Fest was fun for the most part. I really wish I could have been there to see Hinder play. We got there when they were playing their last 2 songs. And sleeping in a full size bed with another person is not the best way to spend a weekend either. But I did get some beads and got a really cool hat for my brother. I got to drink a really yummie cherry limeade. And I got to see what it was like to actually BE there. I don't think I will do that again. It was totally worth it, but not worth repeating it.

Another thing..I don't think I will go with Alicia on a trip like this again. She freaking left me alone in a crowd of 55,000!! I am freaking 2 months pregnant and she is gonna leave me alone because "I saw a bald head on stage and thought it was Disturbed playing" What the fuck ever!!! Disturbed wasn't supposed to play till around 9:30pm. It was 8:30pm. Don't think I don't know that wasn't the real reason. I waited for her and then left. I went back to the hotel..thank goodness that it was only about 3 blocks away. I thank the good Lord that the only harassment I got was from some drunk guy that didn't know where the Hallmark was and got left behind. He asked me if I had a cell phone...shit, I am not giving him my phone. So I told him I didn't have a phone, that he could use the one at the Hyatt ( where we were staying)  and I don't know where anything is besides the Hyatt cause I wasn't from there.

This guy gets pissed off and as I cross the street, he hits something or another and yells. Whatever, NOT My fucking problem. I don't think so.
Yes, I had a good time...right up until the end. that is when it got bad. and no, I don't think I will do it again.

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