May 22, 2011 Scary Storms...yes.

Rapture didn't happen yesterday, but Kansas got slammed by some horrible storms. And Mark and me were out in the middle of it. Now THAT  is scary!! One of the interns (her name is Thy..said like "T") at my pharmacy was having a graduation party yesterday, and I had talked Mark into going with me so that he could meet everyone (well most everyone) that wasn't working yesterday. We got to Thy's house around 5:30pm. Ate and chatted with Thy and Virginia and Carl. Right around 6:25-ish. Thy comes in and says that we might have to go to the basement in like 15 minutes.

So Mark and me decide its time to go. Mark would rather be home and have his car in the garage. So we leave and we must have gone thru the heart of the storm because we got hit by some major hail. Like golf-ball sized hail!!! Imagine, if you can, driving through that and hearing it hit the top of the car. It sounds like a rock hitting a tin can. And at least to seemed like the windshield was going to shatter at any minute.

Scary Stuff.

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