May 8, 2011


Jewelz summer flwrs
After yet another 6 day work week, I have a day off. I really haven't done much. slept until 8am when my dog decided that he couldn't wait any longer and woke me up. So I have been up since then. I got a few happy Mommy-to-be Day wishes. Very nice..but kind of weird all at the same! Anyway, I have started some laundry and had some lunch. I also cleaned the front room. I kinda want to clean the kitchen, but don't. Meh,  we will see if I actually get to it or not. ; )

I think tonight Mark and I are going to his parents' house for a bit and then after that (if it isn't too late) we might go over to say hi toSarah and her family. I understand that they have some cupcakes that are in need of a home.

On another note, I am STOKED  for RockFest next weekend!! Me, Alicia, her boyfriend Nathan and a friend of theirs, Eric are all going. Its going to be a BLAST!! And no, I am not going to do anything to hurt my little peanut. Not gonna happen.

But other than that..not much going on.

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