October 10, 2010

New Phones

I am soo excited for later today. I finally get my new phone. I plan on getting the Samsung Captivate! Somehow Mark was able to get an early upgrade and he is getting one too. SQUEE!!!!!

On another note..I am soo fustrated with my sister right now. I just found out from Mom that her, her hubby, and at least their daughter KJ if not Erin too decided to change carriers just because they decided they didn't like the way AT&T was doing their internet packages now. WTF!?!?!?!? I really would like to be able to just up and buy 3 to 4 new phones just because I wanted to. The reason this really pissed me off is because Crystal is always talking to me about how she is behind on this bill or how that bill is soo expensive. And yet she goes out and gets new phones. What the Fuck is up with that? I mean really? And I know that she is going to go to Mom and beg for money. "mom i can't pay this bill, can I get $100 from you?" 

Whatever. It just pisses me off cause she thinks its ok to just go and do shit like that. OK, I guess I am done ranting about that. 

I wonder if anyone even reads this? Oh well, its good to let loose sometimes. 

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