September 12, 2010


Yesterday was September 11th. I remember that day vividly. I was proctoring for Mrs. Demorest (a foods teacher) and I think she was having the class work on some papers. I do remember that I was grading papers for her on the computer and printing out things for her. Anyways Mrs. Demorest had turned on the TV and we watched the news for most of that class. I don't think it really clicked with me until i got home and started watching TV again. Cause it was still on the news. I think I was in shock that someone had even thought something like that up. That day changed all of our lives.

To celebrate having a family and being alive and happy, I took my mom and my nieces to the Topeka Duck Race, and the Huff n Puff Rally. Was waaay fun!  You can see pics from the day here>> Huff n Puff . I am definitely going to try to go next year with everyone. And next year we will be bringing lots to eat and drink. And maybe some spending money too.

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