August 2, 2010

Work=High School Drama

Work just feels like high school sometimes. Ok, I was friends with Holly and Jessica and JoAnn. Jessica and JoAnn were like bestfriends. They had an argument and hurt each other feelings pretty bad, and now JoAnn and Jessica aren't friends anymore.

Still keeping up with me or are u lost yet? LoL!

Anywho. So JoAnn and Jessica aren't friends anymore. I was trying to be friends with both. But last week I was sitting at lunch with Jessica and Holly ( they have become best friends now) and the start talking crap on JoAnn. Now I understand that they don't like JoAnn, but they could at least respect the fact that I am still friends with her and not talk about her like that around me. And JoAnn has never said anything about them around me that was bad. So I have decided that I don't need to be friends with Jessica and Holly. Not if they are going to act like that. Its not worth my time.

And to make things even more awkward, I work in the same area that Holly and Jessica work in. They work on the floor stocking Cosmetics and Pharmacy. And I work behind the Pharmacy counter as a cashier. So now every time Holly needs to get behind the counter for something she is completely quiet to me. Won't talk to me or nothing. Works for me really. I don't talk to her and she doesn't talk to me. 

Like i said work can be just like high school sometimes  

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