July 18, 2010


Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Things have been kinda hectic. With my grandma passing away and then the next week my sister-in-law having her baby boy. My emotions are shot. (Below is a pic of me and Mark with baby Carter)

But on to what I want to journal about.

It is soo hard right now not to think about wanting a baby. It seems like life is taunting me because everyone around me is getting pregnant. I have 2 girls at the Pharmacy I work at that are pregnant. And there is another that works outside the pharmacy (she is a manager over the cashiers...I work at a walmart pharmacy) and SHE is pregnant too. Not only that, but Mark's cousin, Shayla is pregnant. And I have a friend that used to work @ Walmart, Jesse, she is pregnant..along with another of my facebook friends that is pregnant.

Everything around me is baby this and baby that. And I know that I'm not pregnant because I have started my period for this month. I know the what most people are going to say. "Just have fun with it and don't think about it soo much" or something like that. Well, I am trying to. But its difficult when everyone around you is preggo and you so want to be too but aren't.

Arg!! This just sucks right now. I know, just give it time. It will happen when its meant to happen. blah blah. I know.

It doesn't make it suck any less.

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