November 25, 2009

My Wedding Vows

When we first started planning our wedding, we were going to write our own vows. In the end we decided not to go that route ( I think Mark was having trouble thinking of what to say). But I had mine down. And this is what I had for my vows.


You are a blessing in my life.

I feel safe in your arms
and i always see love in your eyes for me.
And right here, right now,

I would like to say, thank-you.

For being there when i need you.
You always brighten up my day.

I promise to love you
I will be by your side,
You have my shoulder,
to lean on...
You have my ear,
to listen to you...
And most importantly,
my heart to love you.
I promise to help you up,
when you have fallen down.
To take care of you
you’re sick.
And stick by you,
no matter what.

I will be your friend,
your love,

And most importantly of all

your wife.

This I promise you with all my heart,

for the rest of my life.

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