September 20, 2009

2 Poems by Me

Getting Burned

Over the years,
you have grown apart
petty things happened
that just tear at my heart.
I remember the days
when you were
But I guess time really
DOESN'T make the heart grow
At least...
not in your case.

You guys now hate one another,
and I'm stuck in the middle...
Having to deal with
the fire you spit,
whenever you hear the other's name.
And you don't know it...
Cuz I don't show it...
But all the same, it hurts.
Cuz even though the fire you spit
isn't at me...
I'm stuck in the middle,
Getting Burned.
~by Julia Downing~


Tears of sad, happiness
Stream down my face.

Glad to be out...
Sad to lose...
Lose friends I hold..
So dear,
So close to my heart.

Emotions running through me...
As if I was a highway,
Just a place to get
Here and there.


My graduation.

~by Julia Downing~
May of 2002

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