May 1, 2013

Review: Got2B Powder'ful with BzzAgent

I hqve been trying out this stuff, and after a few daus of trial and error I think I am getting to like it. I have rather fine hair and so any kind of help I can find to make it fuller I am all for. 
I will say that if you rub the powder in your hands and then put it in your hair it feel really sticky and it's difficult to decide if you have it in your hair or not.

Another problem I came across was the scan code on the back of the box. You are supposed to take a clear picture of it and text it to a particular number and then you get tips on how to best use it. I could never get it to work.  I tried many times and to no avail.  I gave up. I really was hoping just would work too.

I love this product because I can use it on dry hair. I wash my hair at night so that I have more time in the morning to do other stuff. So, of course this is great for me. All in all this is a good product.

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