June 20, 2012

I am Probably Just Overreacting But...

So, I just got done looking at the family pics that Mark's mom Deb had done, and I must say that I feel kind of shafted by the photographer. Like she did a wonderful job with Deb and Ray and Mark's sister and her family. This photographer has worked with them before. But the pics she did of me aren't the best. And I know that I can take better pics than that. I think that me and Mark need to go back to K-Mart and get out pics done there. They did a waaay better job that this chick.

Now I am not saying that she doesn't take good pictures, because she does. I just feel that Mark and me got the short end of the stick because she did more pictures of Kristina and Nick and their little one Carter. Than she did of Mark and me. Abby, of course got tons of cute pictures, I don't know, it might be because I am overly emotional this week. I have Aunt Flo visiting. But all the same, I feel shafted.

whatever. We will go to K-Mark and spend $20 and get some awesome pics done.

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