March 15, 2012

VoxBox - Kiss Nail Dress *review*

So I got my Love VoxBox in the mail and the first thing I tried out was the Kiss Nail Dress. They came in a nice box and had the nail stickers (for lack of a better way to describe them) and a nail file.

So I get all the excess nail polish off of my fingers and then find the right size for my nails and put the stickers on my nails. The directions say to rub it from the center out to make sure it fits well. Then you fold the excess over the tip of your finger nail and use the file to file it off. I love the way they look!

The box says that they last for about 10 days. And I can well imagine that they will. I wore them for about 6 days before peeling them off. And they came off really easy as well. I did everything with these stickers, peeling off labels at work, taking care of my 3 month old daughter, fixing dinner. And they stayed looking as good as the day I first put them on. I am very impressed!

And I got to show them off to my customers at work. They all commented on them and asked how I did it, when I told them all it was is a sticker, they were excited to get some.

All-in-all I am impressed with the Kiss Nail Dress. I plan on getting more in the very near future.

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