September 30, 2011

Feeling a little hurt

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a trusted mechanic who U PAY change ure oil. I mean, yes, if you are mechanically inclined then sure changing oil is a snap for you. But for the rest of us it isn't soo easy. So going somewhere you pay to have someone do it is the right choice.

I am posting this in responce to something a really good friend of mind said. It offends me a little that she can feel bad for those of us who feel more comfortable going to a mechanic, rather than doing it yourself.

Whatever. It just hurts that she can't accept things like that. I am sorry that me and my husband didn't grow up with a mechanic as a father. We know how to check our fluid levels and do minor stuff. But with everything else, i would rather have someone else who knows what they are doing do it for me.
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