January 22, 2011

Day 2 of my 3 day weekend...I gotta go and deliver cookies to cashier Teffanie today if she would just text me back and let me know if thats ok with her. Ugh! She is the only one that I have been having issues with getting her cookies to her. She has the money, we just keep missing each other. lol!

On another note, I have this pain in my neck...and I can't turn my head certain ways. Its soo annoying. If I keep a heating pad on it, I am ok for a while. But when I take it off it goes back to the same old pain. Whatever. It just sucks. Anywho, I have been playing Little Big Planet 2..and OMG!! It is awesome! I love the sackbots and how they follow you around with heart eyes..lmao. too cute! Can't wait to play some more. Lol! I guess thats the inner geek in me coming out. Whatever, I embrace my inner geek-y-ness! Bring it on!

Anywho, I finished the kitchen..gotta go get some more dishwasher soap to finish the dishes.


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