December 14, 2010

Bring on the New Year

I am soo fustrated right now. Mark's mom wants me and Mark to go help her pack and what-not after we get off work Wednesday and Friday. I understand that she wants to get everything done asap.That means that Wednesday and Thursday I will be working 9am to 6pm and then going straight to helping them. Plus they want help Friday and Saturday too.  Sheesh! Can't a girl catch a break once and a while?

I know she wouldn't ask if she didn't really need the help, but now I gotta figure out what I am gonna do for dinner those nights. We don't have enough money to be getting take-out those nights. I was gonna cook something those nights cause I had an early shift. I don't know. Whatever. We will do what we have to do, I guess.

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On another completely different note, I think that my car (her name is Blue Bell) needs a new battery. It keeps having trouble starting and almost stalled yesterday in the parking lot when I was going to work.

GAh! Its just one thing after another right now. And all I can say is....thank goodness this year is almost over.

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