August 11, 2010


Yesterday between home and work, I lost my grandma's ring. Its the one she gave me before she passed away. I had put the necklace on (I had to wear it on a chain cause its too small for my fingers) yesterday morning. Everything was fine. I go to work and go to our upstairs breakroom to get some water out of the machine. When I bend down to grab the water from the machine, my necklace falls off, and there isn't any ring attached. : * ( And when I pick up the necklace, I notice that it had broken.

I just about have a panic attack. I run back to my locker, nothing there. So I call Mark to ask him if he can look when he gets home, and of course he says yes. So I retrace my steps back to my car. Tear my car up looking for it. Nothing.

Mark calls me to let me know that he has torn the house up looking for it and can't find it anywhere. I have looked outside, looked thru the house, everywhere I can think of, I have looked. Its nowhere to be found.

I feel I have let Grandma down  by losing the ring. It meant the world to me that she would give me that ring. I cherished it with all my heart, and its lost to the winds.

And to make things worse, yesterday was the anniversary of my cousin Bub's death. And on top of all that crap, my headphones to my mp3 player broke too.


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