May 26, 2010


Went and ordered out sectional today. Had to do it on my lunch break. Got a really cushy one the color is called "cocoa" and it comes with 2 throw pillows. We had to order it in the opposite configuration than what they had in stock. So they said it would take 2-3 weeks to get it in. Ugh, I soo don't want to wait right now. 

But I will, cause I must. Lol

Anywho, Mark was off today and so he moved around the living room so that we don't have to worry about moving the tv when we DO get the sectional in. It really makes the front room look bigger. Alot bigger. And thank goodness too. Our house is small enough already. 

Ooo and on another note, I  have this weekend PLUS monday off! A 3 day weekend for me! Woot! Woot! I totally need this too. I haven't had a break for a while.

But ya, its bedtime and I still have to wash my face. So Nighty Night and Talk at ya later!


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