May 22, 2010

Getting things done

So went to Room Makers today to look at sectionals for the front room. We found one that is $999 and we can get 10% off right now because its close to Memorial day. And they have this 5 year protection plan for $199 that covers practically everything. And they will come to the house to fix it. And if they can't we get our money back so we can find another sectional. PLUS if we don't actually use the protection plan in those 5 years. We get a gift certificate for the amount of what we paid for it. Pretty nice.

We also went today to see how much we could get in financing. We are both getting bonuses from work next month and that would pay for about half of it. But we would need help with paying for the rest of it.

So ya, that was nice.

I also scrubbed the tub and mopped the kitchen floor. Tho i think i need to scrub the tub again. It was really gross. I just can't seem to get the crap out of the grout in the shower. No matter what I use or how hard I scrub. And its starting to really piss me off. Gah. Whatever.

Thats about it for now.

Blog ya later!

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